RAP Online Seminar Series 1

For paddlers and their coaches

For enthusiasts of any paddling discipline

This series is well underway and registration is now closed. Please stay tuned for information on our next seminar series. To be sent information, please sign up for our newsletter on our home page. Thanks!

This online seminar series is composed of five 75 min seminars, one per week, on different topics lead by different experts. Each will be held twice to help suit different schedules and time zones. Almost anywhere you are in the world, there will be a time in your waking hours. 

Most of us can’t paddle these days and we miss it desperately. Meeting online has become our norm and I have been enjoying holding courses and seminars in lieu of the clinics that usually fill my spring.  Preparing new ways to communicate aims and coming together with fellow enthusiasts has been really fun.  For those on the water in solo canoes, this is a fruitful time for learning as we have no imminent pressure to perform.

For others, and for those who coach, we will get back on the water someday, hopefully soon, and spending this interim time solidifying skills and gathering new ideas has allowed me to stay excited about our eventual return. Perhaps this seminar series will help do the same for you.


Seminar #PresenterDateTime (PST)Topic
1Andrea DillonSat, May 910:30 amCoachability: How to Maximize the Coach-Athlete Relationship
1Sat, May 96:30 pm
2Jeanette DobmeierSat, May 1610:30 amOur Anatomy: Becoming a Healthier More Efficient Paddler
2Sat, May 166:30 pm
3Erin MoonSat, May 2310:30 amBody Awareness: Preparing our Bodies to Paddle Better
3Sat, May 236:30 pm
4Kamini JainSat, May 3010:30 amOur Technique: Maximizing Propulsion in the Water
4Sat, May 306:30 pm
5Michael FoyleSat, June 610:30 amExecution: How to Perform When Center Stage
5Sun, June 7*10:30 am

* please note that Michael’s seminars are each at 10:30 am PST to accommodate his location in the UK. One option is Saturday and one Sunday.  

Details on all seminars and speakers are available by clicking here

Price: $99 plus GST (this price includes all five seminars)

Registration is closed. Stay tuned for future series.

Here are the times in other cities:

Vancouver (PST)Toronto / Philadelphia (+3h)London (+8h)Hong Kong (+15h)Sydney (+17h)
Saturday 10:30 amSaturday 1:30 pmSaturday 6:30 pmSunday 1:30 amSunday 3:30 am
Saturday 6:30 pmSaturday 9:30 pmSunday 2:30 amSunday 9:30 amSunday 11:30 am

Other information:

  • Seminars will be approximately 60 minutes plus 15 minutes of questions
  • You do not need to let anyone know which time you are going to attend. Just attend the most convenient time for you each week
  • Please check your junk folders for emails from Kamini. You will be emailed all the information you need but it could direct to junk. If this happens for a group email it may also happen for individual replies too.
  • The meeting platform will be RingCentral Meetings, which is the same format as Zoom. Participants will be sent a meeting link. A download is required on some devices. The meeting room will open 15 minutes prior to each seminar for participants to check in and test their set-up. It will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the first seminar of the series to allow extra time for problem-solving if needed.
  • There are two times for each seminar to help suit participants’ schedules. Each registration includes an attendance to one of the two times for each seminar for a total of five seminars.
  • Technology can be un-predictable at times. Kamini will be moderating each seminar and if technology lets us down on the end of any of the presenters , Kamini will have a back-up seminar to replace the inaccessible one.
  • Kamini will aim to record each seminar and have them available to those who must miss one. She cannot promise this as available but if you miss one, please email her and check for availability.
  • We reserve the right to change presenters and topics if pandemic times lead the scheduled presenter to become unavailable.