RAP Online Autumn 2020 Seminar Series

For paddlers and their coaches

For enthusiasts of any paddling discipline

Starting September 26.

This online seminar series is composed of five seminars, one per week, on different topics lead by different experts.  Each will be held twice to help suit different schedules and time zones.  Almost anywhere you are in the world, there will be a time in your waking hours. 

We haven’t had our usual summer of camaraderie and competition this year.  Hopefully, most of us have found a way onto the water and been able to maintain our health and fitness creatively.  For learning and group interactions, meeting online has become our norm and I have been enjoying holding remote courses and seminars in lieu of the in-person clinics that usually fill my time.  Autumn is coming which is a time where we typically shift from a lot of racing to more of a learning and development mindset; so maybe things will seem a little more normal to us paddlers in the northern hemisphere. Spending this interim time innovating and gathering new ideas has allowed me to stay excited about our eventual return. Perhaps this seminar series will help do the same for you.

Seminar #PresenterDateTime (PST)Topic
1Kim ShortSaturday, September 2610:30 am & 6:30 pmMind over Muscle: Training for your brain
2Sean McBeathSaturday, October 310:30 am & 6:30 pmTraining for Excellence: What you can do as an individual to maximize your crew and solo performance
3Erin MoonSaturday, October 1010:30 am & 6:30 pmEase and Economy of Movement
4Kamini JainSaturday, October 1710:30 am & 6:30 pmBad News Bears: What creates winning athletes
5Mike Robinson
Saturday, October 2410:30 am & 6:30 pmShifting Athletes from Reproductive to Productive Learning: Mike’s Rules to Creating Your Best Stroke

For details on all seminars and speakers click here

Price: $99 plus GST (this price includes all five seminars)

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Here are the times in some other cities for your reference:

Vancouver (PST)Toronto / Philadelphia (+3h)London (+8h)Hong Kong (+15h)Sydney (+17h)
Saturday 10:30 amSaturday 1:30 pmSaturday 6:30 pmSunday 1:30 amSunday 3:30 am
Saturday 6:30 pmSaturday 9:30 pmSunday 2:30 amSunday 9:30 amSunday 11:30 am

Other information:

  • This series is independent of the spring series. Your attendance in the spring is not necessary to take full advantage of this one.
  • Seminars will be approximately 60 minutes plus 15 minutes of questions
  • You do not need to let anyone know which time you are going to attend. Just attend the most convenient time for you each week
  • Please check your junk folders for emails from Kamini. You will be emailed all the information you need but it could direct to junk. If this happens for a group email it may also happen for individual replies too.
  • The meeting platform will be RingCentral Meetings, which is the same format as Zoom. Participants will be sent a meeting link. A download is required on some devices. The meeting room will open 15 minutes prior to each seminar for participants to check in and test their set-up. It will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the first seminar of the series to allow extra time for problem-solving if needed.
  • There are two times for each seminar to help suit participants’ schedules. Each registration includes an attendance to one of the two times for each seminar for a total of five seminars.
  • Recordings of each seminar are expected to be available for a limited time after each seminar for those who must miss one or have technical difficulties during the live seminar. Recording difficulties may mean a seminar isn’t available but last series did not have this problem.
  • We reserve the right to change presenters and topics if pandemic times lead the scheduled presenter to become unavailable.