Keeping the Passion

A breast cancer survivor  paddlers’ seminar series

An examination of post-treatment physicality and moving forward as paddlers

 I, Kamini, have had the privilege of being the coaching advisor to Vancouver’s Abreast in a Boat for many years and have enjoyed the paddlers’ high energy and strong camaraderie; banding together to build athleticism, strength and mobility after treatment.  I have witnessed this same perseverance in my mother and two sisters as they recovered from treatment and, now, my attachment to the community has become yet stronger since my own treatment last year.  

This series strives to give resources and a sense of community to BCS paddlers and their coaches; those who are now losing a second season to COVID-19 and our Oceanic friends who can paddle now and wish for some more off-water tools.  Two of the seminars will provide on-land training suggestions to help paddlers gain paddling readiness and to feel like they are still, indeed, paddlers.  The third seminar, will provide specific stretching and strengthening exercises as well as valuable breast massage techniques we can do for ourselves to encourage tissue healing, increase lymphatic drainage, decrease scar tissue adhesions and address shoulder injuries, while promoting postural awareness.

This online seminar series is composed of three seminars, one per week, on different topics lead by different experts.   Recordings will be available for a period of time after each seminar.

Seminar #PresenterDateTime (PST)Topic
1Dawn LeonardSaturday, April 105:00-6:15 pm PSTThe Breast and Shoulder Health of BCS Paddlers: Tools For Self-Care 
2Kamini JainSaturday, April 175:00-6:15 pm PSTHow To Be A Paddler When We Can’t Paddle: Pandemic and Off-Season Approaches
3Susannah SteersSaturday, April 245:00-6:15 pm PSTIntegrated Movement: Preparing Your Body For Paddling and Healthy Living 

All times are Vancouver, BC, Canada times (Pacific Standard Time).   For the times in some other cities, please see below.


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Price: $60 plus GST (this price includes all three seminars)


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If you have a credit from either the 2020 Newport or Tempe Spring Camps, please enter coupon code SpringCamp2020. If you don’t know how much credit you have left, please email Kamini and she can let you know.


Here are the times in some other cities for your reference:

Vancouver (PST)Toronto / Philadelphia (+3h)London (+7h)Hong Kong (+15h)Buenos Aires (+4h)Sydney (+18h)
Saturday 5:00 pmSaturday 8:00 pmSunday 12:00 amSunday 8:00 amSaturday 9:00 pmSunday 11:00 am

Please double check these times are accurate as day-light savings time-changes may have changed time differences since publication.


Other information:

  • Seminars will be approximately 60 minutes plus 15 minutes of questions
  • Please check your junk folders for emails from Kamini. You will be emailed all the information you need but it could direct to your junk folder. If this happens for a group email it may also happen for individual replies too.  If you have not received information a couple days before the first seminar, please email Kamini.
  • The meeting platform will be RingCentral Meetings, which is the same format as Zoom. Participants will be sent a meeting link. A download is required on some devices. The meeting room will open 15 minutes prior to each seminar for participants to check in and test their set-up. It will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the first seminar of the series to allow extra time for problem-solving if needed.
  • Barring recording malfunctions, recordings of each seminar will be available for a limited time after each seminar. No malfunctions have occurred in the 10 months of online courses to date.
  • We reserve the right to change presenters and topics if pandemic times lead the scheduled presenter to become unavailable.