Hi Paddlers.  Please follow the below instructions to register for a training program. The red parts are highlighted for your special attention due to common errors so far.  Thanks. Kamini

Note: It is highly advised not to do this on your phone.

Step 1:

Please go to the below link and register a RAP wordpress account for yourself.  Please remember your sign-in information as it seems hard to retrieve.

RAP wordpress registration link

Step 2:

Then, go to the appropriate link below and enrol for your course.

Step 3:

It will take you to PayPal for payment.

Step 4:

The course link from above will now take your into your course as long as you’re logged in.  This will probably be automatic for you on the original computer you used for most of you. If it isn’t, or if you’re on another device, login at:


After logging in here, you will be taken to a dashboard page.  Hover over the “Right Angle Performance” in the top left corner and you will have a choice of “visit site” or “view courses”. Choose the latter and, from the course page, click on your course.