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Keeping the Passion: A BCS Seminar Series


Date(s) - 10/04/2021 - 24/04/2021
Time - 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Total Spaces: 200
Spaces Remaining: 188
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Keeping the Passion

A BCS paddlers’ seminar series

An examination of post-treatment physicality and moving forward as paddlers during our pandemic hiatus from paddling

I’ve had the privilege of being the coaching advisor to Vancouver’s Abreast in a Boat for many years and have enjoyed their high energy and strong camaraderie; banding together to build athleticism, strength and mobility after treatment.

This series strives to give resources and a sense of community to BCS paddlers and their coaches; those who are now losing a second season to COVID-19 and our Oceanic friends who can paddle now and wish for some more off-water tools.  Two of the seminars will provide on-land training suggestions to help paddlers gain paddling readiness and to feel like they are still, indeed, paddlers.  The third seminar, will provide specific stretching and strengthening exercises as well as valuable breast massage techniques we can do for ourselves to encourage tissue healing, increase lymphatic drainage, decrease scar tissue adhesions and address shoulder injuries, while promoting postural awareness.

If you have a credit from either the 2020 Newport or Tempe Spring Camps, please enter coupon code SpringCamp2020. If you don’t know how much credit you have left, please email Kamini and she can let you know.

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