6 students

This training program will prepare athletes for the 2019 IVF World Distance Outrigger Championships with three on-water workouts/week.  It is specifically be geared toward the weather expectations in the Pacific Northwest but will easily suit those in warmer or cooler climates.  For those in cooler climates, you can join in when your weather permits in the spring without being “left-behind”.

The end-point of this program is the first week of August and the World Championships and will proceed with this as the pinnacle event.  Throughout the program, athletes will be required to decrease a given workout on their own initative to accommodate races within their specific race season.  For athletes looking for a program but not attending Worlds, this program will also suit other summer goals in outrigger, surfki or kayak providing the athlete rests accordingly for his or her specific race events.

The program will be made available in 2 week blocks.


Price: $225 including taxes and fees