About Right Angle Performance

Right Angle Performance is a paddle sport service company originating in Vancouver, founded and led by Olympian and World Champion dragon boat and outrigger canoe coach and paddler, Kamini Jain.

Right Angle Performance delivers to teams, individuals and coaches technical, tactical and training education for dragon boat, outrigger canoe, surfski and kayak racing. All of these world-class paddle sport services evolved from the experience and skills Kamini gained through her 30 years commitment to top competitive paddling, with over a decade of these years dedicated to coaching as a full-time profession.

All Right Angle Performance coaches are World Champions and facilitate using our proven methodology, each with his or her own personal coaching style. We appreciate that no single technical model is the one-and-only way to move a boat. However, our detailed but easy to learn approach delivers results, establishes winning mind sets and ultimately creates champions.

Our comprehensive understanding of the elements of style and technique, how these elements evolve as an athlete develops, and how the variety of styles seen in the competitive world of paddling compare and contrast sets our coaches apart as we move paddlers and coaches, regardless of their chosen style, toward improved performance.

Kamini Jain Kamini Jain

Kamini brings to her coaching 30 years of success as both an athlete and coach. Her approach has been developed from a 20 year full-time devotion to sprint kayaking in combination with many years of high performance outrigger canoe and dragon boat competition. Combining high-level training and full-time coaching in a variety of paddling disciplines has allowed Kamini to examine paddle sports in a way that few people have had the opportunity to do.  Her experiential knowledge is supported by master’s degrees in both physiology and leadership.

Kamini’s Philosophy

Kamini sees sport as a way for people to expand their boundaries, live without limits, and gain empowerment by proving their physical strength and mental discipline. Her coaching objective is to encourage paddlers to set ambitious goals and provide them with the tools to perform their absolute best and fulfill their objectives

Sport Accomplishments

Sprint Kayak

Athletic highlights
• Nine years on the Canadian National Team
• 11 World Cup medals
• Two Olympic finals (Kayak fours; 2000 and 2004)

Dragon Boat

Coaching highlights

•2017 IDBF World Championships: Coach of Canadian SrC Program, winners of all 6 standard boat gold medals                                                                                                                                                                                               • 2015 IDBF World Championships: Coach of Canadian Premier Mixed Team: Nations Cup Winners- Canada                                                                                                                                                                                                       • 2014 IDBF World Club Crew Championships: 11 medals; FCRCC Sr. C – overall winners; FCRCC Premier Women – 3rd overall, FCRCC – top club in overall medal standings
• 2014 Canadian Team for the IDBF World Cup in China: 3rd overall over five events
• 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 Canadian Premier Mixed Team for the IDBF World Championships: 5 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals
• 2007, 2009 and 2011 Canadian Premier Open Team coach for the IDBF World Championships
• 2006 IDBF World Club Crew Championships: 5 gold medals – FCRCC Premier Mixed and Premier Open
• 2012 and 2013 Canadian Championships: gold in all SrC events – FCRCC SrC Dragon Boat Team

Athletic highlights
• 14 time IDBF World Championship medallist
• 11 time IDBF World Club Crew Championship medallist

Outrigger Canoe

Coaching highlights
• Head coach of the Canadian Team for the 2008, 2010 and 2012 World Sprint Outrigger Championships

Athletic highlights
• 2018 Canadian Trials for 2019 IVF World Championships.  Top time in OC-1 and V-1.                                               • 2017 World Distance Championships: 4th in Open V-6, 5th in Masters V-1                                                                 • 2013 Maui to Molokai OC-1 race: 2nd place
• 2012 World Sprint Outrigger Championships: Gold in master’s V-1, 3 V-6 medals and two V-12 gold medals.
• 2011 Catalina OC-1 solo relay: 1st place, partnered with Leanne Zrum
• 2010 Queen Liliokalani OC-6 race: 1st place
• 2010 World Sprint Outrigger Championships: Silver in master’s V-1, course record in master’s V-1, 3 gold and one silver medal in V-6 and a V-12 gold.
• 2008 World Sprint Outrigger Championships: four medals in V-6 and one in V-12. World record time in master’s V-6 1000m.
• Top 6 positions in 3 Molokai OC-6 crossings

Kamini’s current positions include

• Head coach of the FCRCC Premier Dragon Boat Program
• Coach and Program Director of the 2019 Canadian SrC Dragon Boat Program
• Coach of the FCRCC SrC Dragon Boat Program
• Coaching Advisor to Abreast in a Boat
• Coach of the FCRCC Ohana Spirit Outrigger Team