Right Angle Performance delivers to teams, individuals and coaches technical, tactical and training education for dragon boat, outrigger canoe, surfski and kayak racing.

Right Angle Performance offers world-class training camps, customized team workshops, focused 1-to-1 coaching and other services for coaches and athletes that are all underpinned with expert guidance, instruction and cutting edge knowledge both on and off the water. These services evolved and are intuitively delivered utilizing the skills of sprint kayak Olympian and World Champion dragon boat and outrigger canoe coach and paddler, Kamini Jain based on over 30 years of competitive paddling experience.

If you want to be a champion, you need to be coached by a champion.

All Right Angle Performance coaches are World Champions and facilitate using our proven methodology, each with his or her own personal coaching style. We appreciate that no single technical model is the one-and-only way to move a boat. However, our detailed but easy to learn approach delivers results, establishes winning mind sets and ultimately creates champions.

Our comprehensive understanding of the elements of style and technique, how these elements evolve as an athlete develops, and how the variety of styles seen in the competitive world of paddling compare and contrast sets our coaches apart as we move paddlers and coaches, regardless of their chosen style, toward improved performance.

An efficient and effective technique for everyone.

Performance comes from using the body in an efficient way. Our model is built upon the proper alignment of the human body to produce a stroke that works for athletes of any age, fitness level and special interest group, thus enabling safer performance and extending an athlete’s ability to enjoy the sport for many more years.

Are you ready to go fast?